Best websites to learn AutoCAD for free

AutoCAD is a Computer-aided design and drafting tool from Autodesk. It is one of the oldest CAD tools in the industry.

If you want to learn online for Free of cost, Here are some of the best websites to learn AutoCAD for free also you can practice the tool with practice drawings and examples.

The First and best platform is "Udemy" an online learning platform where you will find tons of courses related to AutoCAD for free and some are paid.

All the courses on Udemy are created by industry professionals and Content creators from their respective domains.

You will also get certification once you will complete the course, quizzes, and all the practice exercises.

Coursera is also an online learning platform, but all the courses on Coursera are published by top universities and organizations around the world. Here AutoCAD courses are created from AutoDesk

In Coursera, if you want to learn AutoCAD you can access the course for free, But if you need certification you need to pay for it.

Autodesk University is an online learning platform where you can access all the content related to Autodesk Products for free. Here you will find lots of advanced content related to AutoCAD and all the other Autodesk products.

All the tutorials and content here are created by Autodesk, the company that created AutoCAD software, and by their highly experienced team.

There are lots of other platforms where you can start learning AutoCAD and other CAD tools for free.

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