How can we scale selected objects  in AutoCAD?

By Prashant Kumar 3DIEST

If you are a user of AutoCAD and want to learn how to scale selected objects in AutoCAD check out the process in the slides.

Step 1:

Open your CAD drawing using AutoCAD software.

Step 2:

Active “Scale” Tool in AutoCAD under Modify panel, Also you can type the “SC” command in the command bar to activate the Scale tool.

Step 3:

Once the Scale tool is activated, the First thing is to “Specify the Base Point” around which you want to scale your object/drawing.

Step 4:

After selecting the Base Point, you will see that in the command bar, it is asking you to select the object/drawing that you want to scale.

Step 5a: Final

The next instruction in the command bar is to “Specify Scale Factor“.

Step 5b: 

A scale factor is a reference number that indicates how much you want to scale your object with reference to the current size or scale.

Step 5c: 

Now just input the scale factor, either in the command bar or the Dynamic input box attached to the cursor.

Finally, you can see your scaled object in AutoCAD.