How to create a perfect Dynamic Block with attributes in AutoCAD 2021?

A dynamic block is a type of block in AutoCAD that has certain parameters, Actions, parameter sets, or constraints are associated with it.

Step 1: Go to Insert Tool Panel in the AutoCAD toolbar and there you will be able to see all the necessary tools to create a Dynamic block with attributes.

Step 2: Active Create Block tool and specify Name, Pick point, Objects, etc., and press OK to define your block and open it in the block editor.

Step 3: Once the Block editor is active, you will be able to see Block Authoring palettes. Inside block authoring palettes navigate to “Parameters” and apply linear parameters to both sides of your block.

Once you had applied the linear parameters, select those linear parameters and press “CTRL+1” to open the properties panel for selected parameters. Now change the “Number of Grips =1” in the properties panel of the Linear Parameters.

Step 4: Now navigate to the “Actions” inside Block Authoring Palettes and active the “Stretch tool”. Then, Select parameter —> Specify parameter point to associate with action —>Specify first corner of stretch frame —> Specify opposite corner —> Select objects —> press Enter.

Now you can see the Stretch action has been applied to your Linear parameter.

Repeat similar steps to the other Parameter to apply the Stretch action to it.

Step 5: Finally click on the Close block editor —> Save the Changes.

And Congratulation !!! You had just created your first dynamic block in AutoCAD.