How to get your first project on

If you are struggling to get your First project on, Just follow the methods, I am using.

Create your 100% complete profile, If your profile is complete and genuine information, it will create a very good impression on clients.

Add an eye-catching portfolio. Make sure your portfolio items are well designed and presented, and include relevant information.

Try to Bid as soon as possible when the new project is posted related to your niche.

Write custom proposals and read the project description carefully before submitting a proposal, Ask questions!

Try to Bid on odd hours, if you are based in Asia, try to bid during the Europian time zone, During midnight the competition is very low.

When you are new to, keep your prices as low as possible.

Over-deliver a few of your first projects to build relations, this will help you in increasing your rehire percentage.

Regularly update your client with work progress. And don't forget to ask for feedback once delivered.

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