How to start freelancing career as a Mechanical Engineer in 2022?

Steps you need to follow to  start working as  freelancer Mechanical Engineer.

Find your Strongest Core Skill.

find an area that interests you the most, for example, I love doing CAD designs and DIY projects.

Mastering the skills

Try to be a part of projects, I would prefer open-source projects where you can contribute your part. By doing this you will learn practical knowledge and experience Because just having the curriculum knowledge is not sufficient.

Building a killer Portfolio

It is very necessary that start working and building your portfolio. Because the portfolio is the only thing that you will be able to share with your leads/clients to expose your experience and skills.

Deciding a platform to start.

There are lots of platforms where you can create your profile and start your freelance career. All of them work differently so choose wisely

Utilizing digital media platforms to generate leads

Try to build your presence on all the available social media platforms and be active on a few of the famous platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Deliver on time without compromising the quality

Always try to deliver on or before time without compromising the work quality. Because quality is everything, once you start delivering quality work to your clients they will the returning customer to your freelancing business.

Beware of Spam

Beware of the spam project/clients. And avoid those clients whose profile is not verified or if someone is asking you to contact them outside the platform.

Ask for testimonial / Reviews

When you are done with your project and received the milestone/payment, do not forget to ask for a review of the experience you had with the client.

If you want to learn the complete process, Checkout the complete article.

Having positive feedback is really important to attract more clients.