Man arrested in Simi Valley with 3D printed Machine Guns

A man in Simi valley was manufacturing and distributing Guns and their parts using 3D printing at home.

Andrew Duran, 35, in the 1500 Block of Rory Lane has been arrested on 9th September.

During the raid, 3D printed firearms, firearm components that were intended to turn semi-automatic handguns into fully automatic machine guns

Duran can't own Firearms since he was having criminal history.

In 2013 a Texas company, Solid Concepts, demonstrated a 3D printed version of an M1911 pistol made of metal, using an industrial 3D printer.

In 2014, a New Zealand company, Oceania Defence, demonstrated 3D printed titanium suppressors that are 50% lighter than conventional ones.

All these guns or Arms can be manufactured on desktop FDM 3D printing Machines ( Fused deposition manufacturing)

The topic of 3D-printed firearms is a matter of debate in media, the internet, and political halls. Will soon be seeing strict laws around this.