Types of  3D printing Technology

Six (6) different ways you can start your career in freelancing as a Mechanical Engineer.

Fused Filament Fabrication

Also known as Fused deposition modeling (FDM). It is most commonly used technology where plastic filament is melted to form products.

Selective laser sintering

In SLA technology Laser and heat source is used to melt powdered material to form desired products.


SLA is one of the Oldest 3D printing technology in which light source is used to solidify liquid resigns to from products.


In this technology, Cells are combined to form Biomedical parts based on digital CAD files.

polyjet  3D printing

It can fabricate parts with multiple colors, this technology can be very useful for producing products for demonstration purposes.

Direct Metal laser sintering

DMLS  is metal additive manufacturing process where metal powder is sintered through high power lasers.

Electron beam melting

In EBM technology metal powders are melted using Electron beam to form products layer by layer.

3D printing  technology is improving and will get better  every year.

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