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Student Success Stories

CAD designers, Mechanical Engineers

Success stories 3diest academy

Nathan Parrow

3Diest designed a custom monitor and joystick housing for my project. He did a great job and worked very quickly. Thanks!

Success stories 3diest academy 2

Andrew Mayfield

Prashant immediately understood what I was trying to achieve and worked pragmatically to help me understand how to achieve it. He is obviously skilled at modelling for 3D printing with Fusion360 and a good communicator too. Thank you!

Success Stories 3diest academy 3

Nael Ogden -Smith

Great first session with Prashant. He was able to answer all the questions that I had and was able to fix the many problems that I was facing. He has lots of knowledge and is able to identify exactly what I have been having trouble with. looking forward to our next session.

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