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Best available online CAD programs in 2023

online cad programs
Best available Offline and Online CAD programs CAD software ie. Computer-Aided Design software. Types of CAD software. There are a number of different types of CAD software. Based on the Industry uses we are categorizing the software. Mechanical Software, Architectural Software, Civil / Structural Software, Animation Software.

Autodesk Fusion 360, Product Ideas to Reality.

Autodesk Fusion 360
Recently I had completed a 3D modeling project, a thermometer gun 3D model design using Autodesk Fusion 360, these guns are used to detect the infected COVID-19/corona virus suspect.I had used software called Autodesk Fusion 360.This is a software from a company called Autodesk, its a 3D modeling & product design software mostly used by CAD designer, product designer, industrial designer & tech professionals

3D Printing Contribution to Fight Covid 19

A well, known open-source 3D printer manufacturer, Prusa had donated 10000 3D printed Face shields to fight against this pandemic situation of COVID-19/ Coronavirus. Prusa an open-source 3D printer manufacturer Printed 10,000 units of Medical shields and donated to the Czech Ministry of Health to fight COVID-19. Prusa is a well know Open source 3D printer manufacturer of the Additive manufacturing industry.