Tevo 3D Printer Latest Marlin Firmware V 2.0 Upgrade

The tested process to upgrade Tevo 3D printer firmware to the latest Marlin Firmware V 2.0.

Tevo Tarantula 3D printers are the first and most famous copy of Prusa (Open source ) 3D printers and we are using this 3D printer for about 4 years now.

We did lots of changes and upgrades to the hardware and software to date. Still, it amazed us with the quality of the 3D print we are able to achieve.

3D printer Cup on Tevo Tarantula

And with every update with the Marlin firmware, it became a better and better version of itself.

We had just upgraded its firmware to Marlin firmware V 2.0 and the improvement that we can notice in the first 3D print is, it became extremely silent even with the default stepper driver (A4988).

Also, we can notice lots of new features in terms of the way we interact with it, like Bed leveling, Safety, Power resume feature, etc.

Earlier our Tevo tarantula was running Marlin Firmware V 1.1.9, which we had compiled and uploaded to this 3D printer using Arduino Software (IDE).

We had also written a detailed article on the process with the compiled file is downloadable for free on this blog.

So now we are going to explain and discuss the process to upload Marlin Firmware V 2.0 using Visual Studio Code (IDE) and will also provide you the compiled ready-to-upload Marlin Firmware files.


  • Download the Marlin Firmware Files.
  • Download and Install Visual Studio Code (VS code).
  • Download and install PLATFORMIO Plugin.
  • Download and install MARLIN AUTO BUILD Plugin.
  • Compile firmware files in VS code.
  • Connect your 3D printer to your PC via a USB cable.
  • Finally, Update Firmware files.

Step 1: Download the Latest Marlin Firmware V 2.0 Files for your Tevo 3D printer.

Here is the Link to download

This Firmware has been downloaded from JimBrown Github Page and has been modified and compiled to work on stock Tevo 3D printers.

Step 2: Download the Visual Studio Code (IDE) from the Microsoft website.

Visual studio code (IDE) is a free open-source code editor provided by Microsoft.

You can download it from here: VScode ( Download the version that is compatible with your PC )

Visual Studio Code

Once downloaded, Install Visual studio code with the following standard procedures.

Step 3: Download and install PLATFORMIO Plugin

To download and install the PlatformIO IDE plugin go to Activity Bar and click on the Extensions to search for the plugin.

PlatformIO IDE
PlatformIO IDE 2

Once you find the plugin just click on Install to add this plugin to VS code, Now move on to the next step.

Step 4: Download and install MARLIN AUTO BUILD Plugin.

Follow the similar process as we did for the PlatformIO plugin to install Marlin Auto Build Plugin.

Auto Build Marlin plugin

Once you will finish installing both plugins you will be able to see their icons/symbols in the activity bar like this.

VS plugin

Step 5: Compile firmware files in VS code.

Now your Visual studio code IDE is ready to compile your Marlin 2.0 firmware files.

You just need to follow the below video to finish up the compilation process of your Marlin 2.0 firmware that you downloaded and extracted from the above link provided.

Once you had compiled the firmware files and received the success message on VS code IDE, will move on to the next step.

Step 6: Connect your 3D printer to your PC via a USB cable.

Now just connect your 3D printer motherboard to your PC/laptop via a compatible USB cable.

It can take a few minutes to install drivers on your PC/laptop.

Step 7 (Final Step): Finally Update Firmware files.

Since we had connected the 3D printer’s motherboard to your PC/Laptop, now we can upload the compiled firmware file to the Motherboard using Visual studio code IDE.

Marlin 2.0 compiled

when you will finish uploading the files to your 3D printer’s motherboard you will receive the success message.

Congratulations !! now your 3D printer firmware is updated to Marlin 2.0, just disconnect the USB, Start your 3D printer, and Enjoy 3D printing.

If you have any queries or questions related to the topic just comment below so I can help you with that.

Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar

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  1. Thank you very much, your help was very important for me to update my 3d printer TTP.
    Once again, my sincere thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Hugs from Brazil,


  2. Hello, will this upgrade to Marlin v2.0 work on my stock Tevo Tarantula? It has a MKS Base v1.4 board. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your help, Prashant! I see in configuration.h where I need to change the motherboard from GEN_L to MKS_GEN_13 to match my board. HOTEND_E3DV6 is already disabled in this file, no need to change. Thanks again!

  4. Can you please help me? I followed all the instructions. After the update firmware my 3D Printer monitor doesn’t show anything, but it turns on.

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