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3D Printing Process to Make Rechargeable Lamp

3D Printed Rechargeable Lamp

Let’s learn the 3D Printing process to design and make a rechargeable Lamp from scratch and recycled components, step-by-step Tutorial. There are all Four Steps you Need to Follow to learn the 3D printing process to design and make a…

How to use SketchUp for 3D printing?

SketchUP and 3D printing

SketchUp is a Free 3D modeling and designing software and you can use Sketchup for 3D printing. This software has been managed by Trimble Inc. and it is used in a wide range of industries like Architecture, Aerospace, Automotive, 3D…

How to hire a 3D Product designer on Freelancer?

3D product designer

Hire a 3D Product designer on freelancer without compromising your deadline and work quality. With the exponential rise of the gig economy, the demands of freelancers have increased and the start-ups, individuals, and even bigger companies have started outsourcing their…

Top Best Free CAD Libraries 2021

CAD libraries

If you are someone who is associated with the CAD industry, knowledge of free CAD libraries can make your work easy and provide you with great inspiration for work. The development of CAD models is a tedious task and can…

Best available online CAD programs in 2023

online cad programs
Best available Offline and Online CAD programs CAD software ie. Computer-Aided Design software. Types of CAD software. There are a number of different types of CAD software. Based on the Industry uses we are categorizing the software. Mechanical Software, Architectural Software, Civil / Structural Software, Animation Software.