Top 10 Sites for 3D modeling Freelance job in 2022.

Product development, manufacturing, and engineering consultancies, all types of industries require professional 3D modeling services.

If you don’t have an in-house facility for 3D modeling it’s effective to hire freelancers for the work.

Other than this, if you are a professional working in the 3D modeling sector, searching for ideal clients can be critical.

This article addresses the requirement of both types of professionals by providing an overview of sites for outsourcing your 3D modeling freelance jobs.

Other than this, for the success of any product development, the important factor that plays a major role is its visualization.

So it is very prominent to design a product that looks aesthetically good without affecting the technicality and functionality of the product.

Here 3D Modelling plays a confident role by providing the product visualization in reality by its realistic model viewing with rendering, showing the product in original look in different environments and lighting conditions before even manufacturing comes into play.

But 3D modeling or rendering requires a lot of knowledge about different tools, concepts, features, resources, etc.

Apart from this these tools demand a high capacity of computation capabilities like Strong hardware/PC with graphic cards and high-performance processors.

There are many ways by which you can create a 3D model of your product :

  • You can make it by yourself in various online 3D design tools like Sketchup, Tinkercad, FreeCAD, SelfCAD, AutoCAD Web and so many more.
  • You can also use industrial grade parametric 3D design softwares like Solidworks, Creo, NX, AutoCAD, Fusion 360 etc.
  • You also have an option to hire various 3D designers on various online platforms who are providing these 3D modeling services and pay them for your work.

So here we are focusing on the last option and will discuss various trustable freelancing sites for hiring or finding 3D modeling projects. Let’s see one by one :


3D modeling Freelance job

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform and one of the best platforms for professionals to connect with other experienced professionals and companies.

It also helps job seekers to get jobs. You can also hire Freelancers or Service providers from this platform by analyzing their skills and experiences with various 3D modeling tools.

It has also a Feature of LinkedIn talent Insight which empowers you with better hiring decisions.

LinkedIn has its own e-learning platform i.e. LinkedIn learning through which you can learn various tools and subjects for your Skills improvement with certifications.


Freelancer logo

One of the biggest platforms for hiring Freelancers for the projects. You just need to post your 3D modeling Freelance job on their official website and then hire the person by comparing their bids, portfolio, and ratings left against the old completed projects.

It is one of the most top websites for hiring freelancers and is the most certified and trusted site that connects over 56 Million employers and freelancers globally.

Freelancers are used by many top-rated industries and agencies. It provides you with a wide range of skill categories.



Fiverr is also one of the biggest platforms for buyers and sellers for freelancing. Freelancers are referred to as a seller on this platform whereas clients are referred to as buyers.

Freelancers can list their services as GIG that starts with a price as low as $5.

Lots of trusted top brands like Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc are using this platform to outsource their projects.

This platform charges a 20% commission fee on each completed project. It will take at least two weeks to withdraw your money to your bank account from your Fiverr wallet based on the level of the seller.

You can post multiple gigs of your services and once someone is interested in hiring you, can reach you through messaging on this platform.


Upwork Logo

Upwork is also the best platform for clients to hire talented professionals and agencies for their works and Scale their business with quality and efficient work.

It is one of the secure websites for hiring freelancers, trusted by top-level businesses and organizations.

Upwork is formerly known as Elance-oDesk and it is an American Freelancing platform.

You can hire the best talent for 3D modeling freelance job on Upwork.

The only drawback of this platform is that the initial commission fee is very high around 20%, but will be reduced as you earn more funds, the percentage of commission steadily decreases.


Guru Logo

One more platform to hire freelancers is Guru, where professionals connect and work together with the proposition “Connect, collaborate, and get work done in a safe and flexible online environment.”

Around 8 million freelancers are available worldwide with the trust of 3 million clients with a 98% of customer satisfaction rate. 

For 3D modeling, there are 38k+ freelancers available on the Guru website.

For Employers, a 2.9 % processing fee will be charged at each statement you make.

But, if you pay using an eCheck or a wire transfer, you’ll get a full refund on the processing fee.

For freelancers there will be a processing fee of 9% will be charged in the basic plan with limited 10 numbers of bids in a month. But with paid membership plans you may get 50 numbers of bids with reducing processing fee of up to 5%.

Guru has clients who may be imposters is one of the drawbacks of this site.

CAD Crowd


CAD Crowd website is fully developed for 3D designers where you can find one of the pre-qualified designers for the project on an hourly basis service.

11,000 Design entries, 25,000 Designers, and around $1M Projects are available on CAD Crowd.

On this website, you can find various categories related to 3D modeling and product design. You can also find the 3D printing design service on CAD Crowd.

Here you get one more option for getting multiple designs for your project, through design contests.

CADCrowd promises that the design will be accurate based on the provided explanation, or they’ll refund your full money within 1 month. That is one of the most prominent features for employers.

CAD Crowd evaluates each project’s requirements, with fees depending on the project’s difficulty and talents requirement.

Hourly design rates range from $50 to $120 per hour, depending on industry expertise.

One more positive point of this platform is that there is no subscription plan, you can just sign up and create your dashboard by uploading your portfolio.



Truelancer is providing freelancers to the clients according to their need of project through a variety of categories in an easy way to work, get together, struggle free and effective communication.

1 Million+ freelancer and 500,000+ projects are available on Truelancer.

Truelancer is having a cost Project/Service Fee of 10% with a bidding limit on project value of 75 USD, it also has limits of 20 proposals per month.

You may improve these values by getting membership plans. In Truelancer you may get your project within a week which is one of the best things about which is very helpful as relates to the other freelancing sites.

The only negative aspect of this website is its administration since many individuals upload spam projects for their advertisements and to obtain jobs.



PeoplePerHour started with a simple mission of connecting clients to freelancers and privileged people to live their work dream.

PeoplePerHour completed 15+ years with satisfying 1 million clients by their freelancing community. Around 2500 freelancers are available on this site for the skill set of 3D modeling.

Invoices that are automatically generated, listings that are based on location, secure payment, freelancers are approved, certified professionals are the positive point of this platform.

There is a two-way communication client service dashboard that makes it simple to take care of assignments and their progression.

But, There are a lot of professionals to contend with. There will be less job stability, and that there is no assurance of a consistent amount of work, it might fluctuate and be unpredictable.

It has fewer bids available as compared to other platforms with a high service fee of around 20%.



CGTrader is one of the best places for converting your 2D product images into 3D models for VR/AR. Here you can find licensable stock and custom 3D models.

Here you can find 1million 3D models with 4.95million 3D designers and 100+ Fortune 500 clients which gives you a lot of exposure.

CGTrader is a designer-friendly online platform where you can buy, sell, and create professional 3D content.

One more positive aspect of this platform is that it is an investment firm with top investors like intel capital, practica capital, and karma VC.

For freelancing on CGTrader first you have to create an account on it then upload work samples and for determining your level, you have to log in to their Wildcat system and upload samples of your work or complete a trial job.

This will assist you in determining the strengths and skill levels of designers. The platform takes 6% of every sale, and they may utilize the platform to help their consumers with queries.



Workhoppers is a dynamic and interesting website for providing freelancers to clients to find the right person for your project with related skills and flexibility.

It uses the AI matching algorithm that allows you to get only those candidates who fit your specific skill sets. But this platform provides services with subscription plans, but this gives you the benefits of trusted and most prominent candidates for your project.

There is no intermediary on Workhoppers, therefore the interaction is direct with the candidate. You set your own pay and conditions for your candidate on your own budget.

You must become a member and pay the fees if you want to use the Service to begin the conversation with other members and utilize some other features.

This site does not check information in freelancers’ accounts, and it has no control over guarantees or responsibility for the integrity, truthfulness, correctness, validity, or wellbeing of its members.

If you want to learn more about the “Top 10 Sites for 3D modeling Freelance job in 2022.” just comment below with your questions/suggestions.

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Karan Khatke

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