5 Best Open Source 3D printable Coronavirus protection Equipment

Coronavirus Protection

There are lots of Open source 3D printable Coronavirus protection equipment that has been designed by the community but in this article, you can find the 5 most famous and useful ones.

3D printing/additive manufacturing technology gives us a freedom to design/make/test products very easily and in the quickest turnaround time.

So, this technology has helped the world a lot during this pandemic crisis, where the supply chain was hugely disrupted.

Because of 3D printing, the makers or companies were able to produce the medical equipment/parts on-demand to meet the peak surge in medical supplies.

Based on the trends and my experience to date, Here are the top 10 open source projects related to coronavirus protection.

1. Surgical Mask Strap

Coronavirus protection

A surgical mask strap is an ear-saving product that is designed to protect your ears from stress due to wearing a mask for longer durations. It’s a piece of plastic material that can be 3D printed on desktop 3D printing machines using very general material like PLA.

One of the most famous 3D designs for this Strap you can download from the Thingiverse ( Thing: 4249113 ) for free and you just need a 3D printer to print these designs for you and your family members or friends.

Since its a very simple design it just takes few minutes to print one and doesn’t require any support or any advanced technical knowledge.

This is an approved design from NIH (US National Institute of Health).

2. 3D printed Face Shield

3D printed Face Shield

Face shields are really important when it comes to coronavirus protection.

It is the one of the most important accessories for health professionals that keep protecting them from direct exposure from the coronavirus.

It is not all 3D printable, the front transparent shield you need to buy from the manufacturers whereas the holder you can 3D print on your normal 3D printers using most commonly used materials like PLA.

The design files and assembly instructions are available for free to download.

You can download it from the Thingiverse ( Thing: 4233193 )

3. Anti-Fog Nose Clip for Mask

Anti Fog nose clip

As the name itself explains that its a small nose clip that you can use with you face mask to avoid Fog on your Eyeglasses due to breathing or exhaling.

It’s a very small product but extremely useful in solving this Fog problem.

This design is also 3D printable on any desktop 3D printer using any common materials like PLA etc.

The design is also available for free download from thingiverse ( Thing:4635429 ).

It has been designed by lecutterjaune, He is a maker/3D designer.

4. Easy Grip No Touch Door Opener

Easy grip no touch door opener

This is one the must have 3D printable Coronavirus protection Equipments, It is used for opening doors, with a push button extension (for light switches and lift buttons).

Easy grip no Touch door Opener helps you in isolating from invisible coronavirus that is most commonly found on the objects that are in regular contact with masses/people.

Free 3D model download it now from thingiverse ( Thing: 4276726 ).

Always carry one with you when you are going outside.

Easy to 3D print and small in size to carry in your pocket. I recommend you to sanitize it after every use.

Designed by mr_walker.

5. Arm Door Opener

Arm Door Opener

As we know the best way to control the Covid-19 is to control the spread of this virus.

And the places like Hospitals, Schools, Healthcare centers, Common areas, Offices etc are more risk to spread of it.

So the engineering community has came up with the product that can help in controlling the spread of covid-19 by avoiding the direct touch of door handles.

Easily 3D printable design, just need three cable ties to fix it with your door handles.

Available for free download from Thingiverse ( Thing:4236381 ).

This Coronavirus protection equipment is designed by CIMUPC (Technological Center located in Barcelona).

If you want to learn more about 3D printing or CAD software just comment below with your interest or suggestions.

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