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Best Opensource Oxygen Concentrators 2021.

In this article, I had researched and collected information about the best open source oxygen concentrators.

All these oxygen concentrator designs and technical information are available online and free to download so that you can start making it your own.

As we all know because of covid-19 pandemic, since the rate of affected people all over the world has been increased drastically.

So we need more medical equipment and supplies to meet the requirement of hospitals and patients.

And the requirement of compressed treated oxygen is very high, and also because of lockdown around the different parts of country and states supply chain is also disrupted.

In this situation the makers communities are coming forward and started making oxygen concentrators locally to meet the peak demands to save lives of our people.

So, here I am sharing few open source design that you can work on and be ready for any future emergency.


oxygen concentrator
Image Source : https://oxikit.com/

OxiKit is an open-source high flow oxygen concentrator developed by the highly experienced team of OxiKit.

The complete part list / BOM with assembly instruction is available for download for free.

Even they are offering complete assembled and tested setup ready for use.

They also have kit available for the product that you can assemble at you home with the required toolkits.

This machine will able to provide 24 liters per minute (LPM) of O2 with 92% concentration.

Indian Makers community, Maker’s Asylum Foundation has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to overcome the shortage of oxygen requirement in India.


Image Source : https://openox.hacklab.kiev.ua/

OpenOX MKI is also an open source Hardware Oxygen Concentrator.

You can find the complete technical specification with ready-to-build design files & firmware on their GitHub page.

This oxygen concentrator design was done in Autodesk Fusion 360 software.

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  1. Hello, We would like to donate 1000 nos of oxygen concentrator to people of India. Kindly help us develop the same.
    We have made proto type equipement
    Thank you an best regards


      1. Hiiii sir I am an mechanical engineer currently in final year we are planning to make an advance oxygen concentrator can you guide us plz

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