A deep dive into the Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

In this article, we will discuss the vast applications of Artificial intelligence and will also throw some light on its future aspects.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new term for today’s society. People knowingly or unknowingly have started experiencing the impact of AI in their day-to-day life. We admit to the fact that today’s world is driven by technology to a great extent and the technology, in turn, is being powered by AI.

In every sector around the world, no matter whether it is automotive, healthcare, military, or even agriculture, the space of AI is well defined and is being expanded.

The world is about to face a huge revolution by AI in every field and thereby a clear idea of the present roles of AI in society is inevitable for the present and future community.

This article takes you through numerous applications of Artificial Intelligence around you. Some of them will be already identified by you and you may be frequently making use of it. But you will be surprised to know some of the interesting applications of AI discussed here. 

When technology conquered the world, society was happy and relieved to utilize its advantages and finally, it turned out to be very helpful. Similarly, now it’s the time for AI to take over the future. 

It is always comfortable to interact with a human who is familiar to us. So let us be more familiar with AI, so that it helps us to effectively interact with it from now on.

A glance at our daily life AI

When I was creating this article, Google made my task easier by doing some very suitable predictions.

It also points out my spelling and grammatical mistakes when I go careless. I’m sure that this is not only helping me but also for everybody who is reading this article. How many of you could recognize it as an action by AI?

Mobile phones are your best techie friend. It’s time to realize AI is not at all new to you. You are a frequent user of AI if you are always using your mobiles in one way or another.

Numerous applications in mobile phones are powered by AI. Google voice assistant will be the most familiar to you.

When you want to move to a place that is completely new to you, you suddenly check Google Maps and you easily reach your destination.

When you book a cab from Uber, the same mode of action is being done.

Many of us make our cell phones safer to the next level by enabling facial unlock. This action is technically known as face recognition and is purely an AI-based functionality.

All these applications are powered by AI in which some artificial neural patterns are learned from millions of examples and are made intelligent.

It has become laborious to point out each and every application of AI in our daily life since it has influenced our living to that great extent.

Whereas some of the interesting roles of AI can be mentioned to identify how close AI is to the common world.  

We are happy to see ourselves more beautiful. How do we look more beautiful without using makeup?

Yes, by using face filters.

Most of the mobile camera applications today are competing to introduce more face filters that make their customers delighted when they see themselves through their applications. This is also a product of AI-based face detection.

Let us go through one more application of AI that is frequently used by us. Social media is a venue for millions of interactions. Most of these interactions are handled by AI in the background.

Don’t you feel strange when we get suggestions to connect with somebody who is familiar to us?

We received a suggestion because it was recognized by AI. It is sometimes shocking to see the advertisements of some products on social media which we have recently searched for.

So now let’s recognize that social media can connect us to advertisers and marketers through the support of AI functionalities.

This is not the complete list of AI interactions in our daily life. It goes endless.

The discussion has to be extended for some other relevant applications of AI which may not be utilized or noticed by us directly.

Let us now discuss some AI applications around different sectors which have utmost importance in the current scenario.

AI Significance Around the Globe

Applications of Artificial intelligence

The discussion has to be directed to a wider angle. Many significant applications of Artifical intelligence will be quoted in this section in which AI is efficiently utilized for the enhancement of some precise and complicated tasks. The following are some sectors that adopt AI-powered functionalities.


The influence of AI in automation has reached an advanced stage by which the world witnessed the ultimate driverless cars. The so-called Google cars is a collection of numerous AI applications from image recognition to environment sensing.

Embedded with a variety of sensors, all the sensory information is efficiently controlled by the artificial intelligence unit that is enabled with human perceptual and decision-making skills.


Fast diagnosis is a key to fast recovery. Some malignancy conditions (like Alzheimer’s) are very complicated to be diagnosed in the earlier stages. This might affect the chances of recovery of the patient. The major advantage of AI in healthcare is the advancements it caused in the field of diagnosis.

The category of AI which is called image recognition and classification is applied to the scan images to predict the presence and stage of several diseases. Several kinds of research have been carried out in this plot to enhance diagnosis using automatic image recognition.

The role of AI in healthcare also takes the role of caretaker for communicable diseases where the machines distribute medicines to the patients in the right quantity at the right time. This was witnessed in the COVID pandemic situation which reduced the risk for health workers and thereby reduced the chance of disease to spread further.


Traffic monitoring cameras are very common on the national highways and in similarly busy tracks. This makes us vigilant to stick to the traffic rules.

The series of tasks achieved by these cameras is notable. These cameras are embedded by AI functionality by which the overspeeding cars are recognized from the video and the corresponding number plate is segmented out.

The hardship of the traffic officers is thus simplified to a large extent with a huge hike in surveillance efficiency. 


The participation of AI in agriculture was an encouraging lead for AI innovators since that has proved the potency of machines in the sectors which demanded human intervention to a larger degree.

The so-called agricultural robotics is proved successful in soil and crop monitoring by which the adequate quantity of fertilizers and pesticides could be predicted during the cultivation.

Social Media

Apart from the discussed daily life application of AI, the terms AI and social media are closely related. Social media is the center for a huge quantity of information which is actually impossible to determine. AI survives on data. Thus social media is a major source of data for AI.

The suggestions on hashtags and connections are performed at extreme precision with the uphold of this data source.


Face recognition (image recognition) is a renowned application of AI since it is utilized in numerous product-based applications.

The AI surveillance cameras are capable of detecting human faces from the image as well as video. The advanced AI intervention enables the prediction of the name, gender, and age of the detected person.

Some products can activate themselves to surveillance mode if it detects any type of motion in the captured video.

Data Security

The powerful AI-enabled systems are capable of the quick detection of cyber attacks for quick action. Some of the renowned AI-powered cyber applications are AEG bot and A12 platform which performs continuous monitoring and data security.

The complicated and obscure software bugs can also be predicted effectively so that they can be instantly fixed, thus improving the system performance.


AI is found useful in a wide range of military applications. The major part is in the target detection by which the intelligent systems take precise detections and locations of the targets. Object tracking is another predominant AI-enhanced military functionality.

The technicians of the defense ministry are working on innovations in intelligent weapons that require less human input.

AI also supports the logistic sector of the military for fast and safe transportation of weapons and other military equipment.

AI-powered miniature robots like drones are moved to the enemy regions for tracking them to avoid the risk of life for soldiers.


The surprisingly accurate recommendations and suggestions on the products we receive in the e-commerce platforms are purely AI-based technology.

The intelligence is worked out by learning the customer’s frequent search and order history and thereby providing the recommendation on what actually the client intended to buy.

Numerous significant recommendations will be generated based on size, color, and brand which thereby ends up in a new order.


Today’s common sources of entertainment like Netflix and Amazon are full edge AI-supported platforms. The viewers are subjected to numerous and relevant recommendations based on their watch history.

The voice-assisted device, Alexa is an inevitable AI product that is believed to introduce the capability and significance of AI to the industry as well as to the common people. It answers to what it is asked for.

Since it is trained with a huge amount of information, it gives answer no matter whether it is a piece of general knowledge or it is a command to play a song.

Finance and banking

Finance is a highly security-demanded sector that can be effectively achieved by AI. AI is proved as highly beneficial in fraud detection by constantly monitoring the transaction pattern. Any fluctuations in the pattern of transaction activities and in the frequency of transactions will be spotted for an alert.

Besides the security purpose, AI takes its role in trading which is extensively known as algorithm trading using adaptive intelligence. It generates intelligent suggestions for best-performing stocks in the current market.

Travel and Transport

AI is now capable of initiating and executing our complete travel plan. From suggesting hotels and flights to finding the best route for reaching the destination, AI solutions are actively working in the industry.


AI can be your challenging game partner even for strategic games like chess.

Exceptional AI models are launched in the industry that can even outperform humans.

AI is also adapted to generate random gaming levels with respect to the performance of the players until then.

The list is still incomplete. The influence of AI is still to be experienced….

If you want to learn more about the “Applications of Artificial Intelligence” just comment below with your queries/suggestions.

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