Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World?

“It’s going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.”

The words of “Colin Angle”, a proven businessman in robotics, are of extreme significance.

Intelligence is the most powerful skill of any creature in the world. We the humans believe that intelligence is what makes us unique from animals. Humans rule the world with the sinew of this intelligence.

But he himself discovered a new world and named it ‘SCIENCE’ which is then combined with ‘TECHNOLOGY’. Both aspects created a new outlook on the world.

Everything believed was stated wrong. Every belief was supported by some proof. The man was restless to introduce more and more discoveries and inventions.

Not very late, he has started to re-invent the most difficult technology, human intelligence.

We are very familiar with this as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence

People have seen artificial intelligence with different emotions. Some people are scared about its dominion over human abilities. While a group of people is curious to witness the influence and actions of these artificial humans.

Another category of people finds it as a brilliant piece of innovation.

Whatever is the reaction, it is evident that today’s world has started changing with science. Machines are ready to act humans. Machines to replace human power is an outdated matter when the technology replaced humans from several areas to save time and cost.

But intelligence made humans stand out ever. When the world is getting ready to witness the act of brilliant machines, at least some people are misled with false thoughts.

Let us be more informative. Let us believe in our skills and start to know more about this engrossing bit of technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Scientifically, artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to learn from examples. In simpler words, artificial intelligence is the technology that mimics the functionality of the human brain.

The idea behind AI is to replicate the working of neurons since it is with what the human brain is built.

These created neurons are carefully combined to form an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) which is used as the brain of intelligent systems.

AI is a vast topic for discussion. This article covers its broader outlook on AI. The scientific aspects will be included in the further discussions.

Artificial Intelligence Around Us……

To see the AI around us is amusing as well as thought-provoking. The machine which plays songs according to our command acts too obedient when it is called by its name Alexa. This might be the first AI-powered product that captured attention.

AI is then utilized as software plugins for several purposes like language translator for google, sentence predictors, and many more.

The era of driverless cars is owned by the power of AI innovations.

Sophia, the beautiful robot-lady has gained immense attention and applauses these days.

AI is getting more and more popular by the influence of these user-friendly creations. People in some places are served by robots and cared by robots.

We have witnessed the robots distribute medicines for covid patients and in some places, they serve food.

AI is thus getting more and more closer to the people.

The growth of AI was being observed in the recent past. But the truth is different. AI was introduced several decades before when the first artificial neuron was invented in 1958.

The growth of AI started by then and gradually faded due to less availability of data and poor processing facilities.

The boon happened again by the significant advancements in computations and data availability. Since both these resources are improving day by day, the field of AI is surely expected to grow in the future decades.

Artificial Intelligence to Influence the Market….

AI is currently a promising technology in the worldwide market that includes healthcare, finance, automotive, retail, and manufacturing.

Most of the mobile phones in today’s market have at least one AI-enabled feature. Every company is competing to include AI features in their product when they realize the influence of this boon.

Not in just mobile phones, AI established its lead in smart TVs, CCTV cameras, and many more.

As the industry is found curious about AI, a large number of researches are being carried out to implement user-friendly and socially relevant AI applications.

The industries give significant support for AI research works. The curious people with innovation and ideas are adopted by giant industries to devise the revolutionary AI element in them.

This drastic demand for AI is clearly depicted by statistics.

AI statistics1

The global AI market value was very feeble in the years 2017 and 2018 in the hardware, software, and service sectors.

The increase in demand for AI is initialized in the year 2019 and it’s in the stage of progression.

The profound and extreme benefits of AI are being realized by the public these days.

The public acceptance can be clearly noticed in the increased demand for AI products.

The AI market value is around 62.35 billion USD by 2020 and it is expected to achieve a growth rate of 40.2% by the year 2028.

AI Boon on Job Sectors…

The AI’s influence on industries is an extreme promise for its scop for job opportunities.

Every business sector, irrespective of their domain, tries to adapt an AI feature in their service.

This can be clearly ready from the chart given below.

People with AI skills are required in large numbers for the upcoming era because, by 2023, AI is ready to create a significant number of career roles for the inquisitive youth.

AI job stats

Numerous institutions have started attractive courses on AI-related topics both online and offline.

The beauty of AI is that is accessible to the people of any field. No matter if we are mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, electrical engineers AI is completely associated with us.

Thereby, being an AI specialist or building a career in AI background, a specific area of expertise does not matter.

We are now in a position to realize that this is the time to utilize the golden opportunity for us. Get trained in this promising space. Revel in the new innovations.

Come out from doubts.

Artificial Intelligence is just one among the spectacular creations of human intelligence.

“Creature can never dominate the creator”

If you want to learn more about the “Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World?” just comment below with your questions/suggestions.

Blessy C Simon
Blessy C Simon

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